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  • Is it time to advance your practice to an integrated health system?


    PPI (Power, Purpose, Integrity) Consulting Firm, LLC

    Specialist in patient care, system care, and program development

    PPI Consulting Firm, LLC, (Power, Purpose, and Integrity), assists clinics and hospital systems to integrate Behavioral Health Providers into existing medical practices an Integrated Health System. My approach is highly collaborative and usually begins with an assessment of your unique program needs and goals, followed by the development of a customized program to address them. This program can be flexible to your program’s growth or reduction as needed, to provide the best outcomes for your particular clinical business. Some signs that you may benefit from integrating your practice:

    As a provider, do you sometimes:

    • Feel you have been asked to do the impossible?

    • Feel like you must know everything about illness as well as all the ways to “fix” it?

    • Feel burdened by your patients?

    • Feel exhausted, or even angered, to see a particular patient’s name on your schedule?

    • Feel unequipped to adequately treat a patient’s illness?

    • Feel even worse about a patient’s other medical needs when they leave?

    • Find yourself wondering if medicine really helps?

    • Ask yourself, “How did I get here?”

    • Ask yourself, “How do I escape?

    • Ask if you have to leave it all behind to keep your sanity?

    • Long to operate at the top end of your license?

    • Have concern for your mental health and the mental health of your staff?

    Even before COVID-19, the professional burnout rate in healthcare staff was shocking and highest amongst physicians. These rates may also reflect the significant resulting clinic and/or hospital revenue losses. For a physician to start up a practice, including insurance credentialing, so that they can have a full patient panel, is no small undertaking. Also, as you work to find replacements when clinicians leave, the already taxed clinical team is burdened to take on their patient panels. Inevitably, this will become a vicious cycle as staff suffer disgruntlement and work angst, while also disrupting patient continuity of care. There must be a way for everyone in a clinical care system to work at the top of their abilities, licensing, and/or credentials, and provide excellence in patient care.

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    About Me

    I am a licensed Psychologist who specializes in program Integrative Behavioral Health program development. I have over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology, I have worked in a variety of systems. I have been faced with highly functional operational systems but also with others suffering from mismanagement or the ability to best utilize the resources afforded to them.